Executive Team

Radni Davoodi

Co-founder and Principal

Radni Davoodi is an active advisor to Seraphim Equities. In addition to Seraphim Equities, Radni is also the CCO and co-founder of Sharestates. Radni has led Sharestates to being the most compliant online commercial real estate lender in the industry, making sure that investors, borrowers and Sharestates are protected as much as possible. Prior to co-founding Sharestates, Radni and his brother Raymond co-founded ANSTitle – a national title insurance provider servicing real estate professionals in all 50 states, and directly licensed in 32 states. Radni’s forward thinking mindset and experience with regulatory divisions within municipalities combined with this high profile legal contacts, allows him to blue print the organization’s path in being compliant with all the fast moving regulations.

Raymond Y. Davoodi

Co-founder and Principal

Raymond Y. Davoodi is an active advisor to Seraphim Equities. In addition to Seraphim, Raymond was one of the founding partners of the Atlantis Organization of companies, headed by ANSTitle and Sharestates. As the current Chief of Sales Officer (CSO) of Sharestates, Raymond has led the company to being one of the top originators in the online lending industry, just recently reporting a $3B to date origination volume. Raymond’s experience, rolodex of contacts and real estate networking tactics were crucial to the growth of the Organization as a whole.