Executive Team

Radni Davoodi

Co-founder and Principal

Radni Davoodi is Principal and a Co-founder across all of Atlantis Organization’s affiliated companies. As co-founder and principal, Radni focuses on the strategic growth of each company within the larger organization with an emphasis on customer service and delivering value to investors while promoting a culture of team and family within the overall organization. Over the years, Radni has overseen over $10 billion in real estate transactions, and his leadership has been instrumental in providing the most innovative and secure solutions for Atlantis Organization’s growing list of companies.

Raymond Y. Davoodi

Co-founder and Principal

Raymond Y. Davoodi is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience building successful real estate companies. Raymond’s relationships with some of the most prolific real estate firms in the country have led to the national expansion of the Atlantis Organization’s suite of companies. Raymond has structured countless real estate deals delivering high investor yield, and has personally overseen the acquisition, renovation, construction, and sale of properties across a spectrum of real estate asset classes throughout his career. Raymond’s experience plays a critical role in the strategic direction of the Atlantis Organization’s growth plans.